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Why Choose Dental Implants?

Patients with one or more missing teeth can find the most permanent and lifelike tooth replacement option with dental implants. Lost teeth no longer provide the necessary stimulation needed to keep the jaw bone from resorbing. Because dental implants are designed to mimic a natural tooth root, they restore this stimulation and improve the health of the bone and the smile as a whole! When placed correctly, patients can enjoy an improved smile appearance, safeguard surrounding teeth, and keep the jaw bone healthy. Using the latest in implant techniques, our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer, practices precision to help patients like you improve their lives.

Dr. Quitmeyer Discusses Dental Implants

Leveraging Technology for Greater Success

Dental implants are the only replacement for missing teeth that provide health benefits as well as improving the beauty of the smile. Advanced dental technology plays an important role in the success and long-term predictability of dental implants. As one of the most technology-forward practices in our area, we incorporate such technology as the Cone Beam CT scan and the X-Guide™ for surgery to help ensure that placement of the dental implant post is at the most ideal depth and angle for long-term stability and strength. The most ideal position of the post also improves the position of the dental crown, helping it fit snugly along the gum line and between adjacent teeth for the most aesthetic final outcome.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Strong, durable tooth replacement
  • Permanent, with proper care
  • Prevents further jaw bone loss
  • Natural feel and function
  • Replace any number of teeth
  • Improves confidence and quality of life

Expert Surgical Care from a Board-Certified Doctor

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have one of the highest required levels of credentials and have received extensive education and surgical training in disparities of the mouth, head, and neck. Along with being specially trained in dental implants, they have the skills and knowledge to perform bone grafting procedures and administer higher levels of anesthesia. Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer is a board-certified oral surgeon experienced in all aspects of dental implant surgery, from treatment planning to problem-solving complications. Along with his extensive experience, Dr. Quitmeyer is dedicated to helping you find the best treatment option for your needs, and spends time educating you on your condition and solutions, so you can feel confident in making an informed decision about choosing dental implants.

The Proof is in our Patients

Zachary's Immediate Load Implant Procedure

Real Patient Transformations

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Dental Implants Case 1

Before After

Dental Implants Case 2

Improve your life and restore missing teeth with dental implants!

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