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Full Mouth Reconstruction - Harrisonburg, VA

Repairing the Smile, Restoring Facial Beauty

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A healthy, functioning smile not only has aesthetic appeal, but aids in comfortable biting, chewing, talking, and breathing. When the presence of multiple oral health problems, such as many missing teeth and TMJ disorder, threaten the health of the smile, more complex reconstructive treatment is needed. A full mouth reconstruction aims to restore failing functional aspects of the jaw and teeth to preserve aesthetics and restore proper occlusion, function, and oral health. After this comprehensive treatment from our expert team, patients can once again enjoy the freedom to smile and laugh confidently, chew and eat comfortably, and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Dr. Quitmeyer Discusses The Preperation for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Complete Rehabilitation of Facial Function and Aesthetics

Many aspects go into what it means to have a beautiful smile, and proper alignment of the teeth is only one of them. We take all aspects into consideration when planning full mouth reconstruction treatment, including the position of the jaw bones, damaged or missing teeth, health of the gums, and the appearance of the face as it relates to these issues. The full mouth reconstruction process might seem intimidating as a whole, but each of these individual treatments we perform on a routine basis and all facets of your customized treatment will be fully outlined and explained-encouraging your questions and concerns-before any treatment even begins. In this way, we help ensure that you are completely aware of all treatment involved and that they have been recommended by a board-certified oral surgeon experienced in all reconstructive procedures included. Deciding to pursue full mouth reconstruction is a big step toward the complete rehabilitation of your smile and oral health, but one that you can feel confident in choosing with us.

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Uniquely Advantaged Care from a Board-Certified Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialists experienced in restoring and reconstructing hard and soft tissues of the face, teeth, and the jaw, including licensing in varying levels of anesthesia and thorough knowledge and incorporation of advanced technology. Additional years of hospital-based surgical training put oral surgeons at a unique advantage for performing complex restorative procedures that provide functional and aesthetic improvements to both the mouth and face as a whole. Our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer, is trained and experienced in all treatments involved in full mouth reconstruction and provides care that is safe, comfortable, and of the highest quality. Along with attending many hours of continuing education, he is a member of many prestigious organizations-including the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons-that provide advanced training and guidance in providing the best possible care for patients needing even the most complex restorative care.

Real Patient Transformations

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Full Mouth Reconstruction Case 1

Before After

Full Mouth Reconstruction Case 2

Restore facial beauty and function with full mouth reconstruction!

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