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Spare Your Smile with Removal of Impacted Teeth

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Impacted Teeth-A Cause for Concern

Impacted teeth are teeth that have attempted to erupt, but have become stuck on other teeth or in the jaw bone. Though the most common impacted tooth is a wisdom tooth, the maxillary canines are also cause for concern as they are the first to touch when biting and are essential in guiding the rest of the teeth to come together correctly. Since most canines begin erupting around the age of 13, early monitoring with x-rays (beginning around the age of 7), proper diagnosis, and timely treatment can help ensure fewer complications and a lowered risk for infection. In our technology-driven, specialty practice, we have the experience and tools necessary for extracting even the most complexly impacted teeth safely and comfortably.

Should Impacted Teeth Be Removed?

Proper treatment of impacted teeth ensures the health of your smile and that the rest of your teeth remain aligned and safe. In fact, by age 40, impacted teeth run the risk for being fused into position, which is why we recommend that monitoring begins at an early age. Impacted teeth in adults can cause complications, in addition to inflammation of the gums and shifting of surrounding teeth. Our extraction process for an impacted tooth is simple and safe. Many patients feel only slight pressure and no pain during the procedure, and once complete, relief that they no longer experience any discomfort!

Do I have an impacted tooth?

  • Tooth or jaw pain
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Infection or inflammation
  • Damage of adjacent tooth
  • Tooth abscess
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Facial swelling

Experienced in Complex Tooth Extractions

Postponing treatment of an impacted tooth can be harmful to your oral health. Our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer, is highly experienced in performing these routine tooth extractions and is dedicated to providing the most comfortable and safe care. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specially trained to recognize risky extractions, such as near the sinus cavities or facial nerves, along with how to handle complications. Leveraging advanced technology such as the cone beam CT scan also helps ensure that the extraction of your impacted tooth is precise and accurate. If you have been putting an appointment on hold due to fear or anxiety, we are here to help you feel calm with assistance from our anesthesia services!

Your smile can be spared with timely extraction of impacted teeth!

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