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Care Built on Empathy and Safety

Facial trauma treatment not requiring immediate medical attention should still be assessed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon as soon as possible, as it requires prompt diagnosis to ensure treatment is accurate and beneficial long-term. Facial trauma accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Sports, car/motorcycle accidents, accidents at work or through violence are common reasons we treat patients. Dr. Quitmeyer was a former member of the military and has performed facial reconstructions for many veterans as well. Patients who have suffered broken jaw bones, cheekbones, or any other serious facial injury of any kind undergo as much emotional trauma as physical trauma. We strive to create an environment of empathy and safety that allows you to voice your concerns while we educate you on the treatment options available to you. If ER care is not necessary, we always accept facial trauma emergency cases at our office, and do our best to schedule you as soon as possible the day you call.

Dr. Quitmeyer Discusses Facial Trauma Treatment

Functional Reconstruction Focused on the Aesthetic

Your recovery journey with us is led by Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer, our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon specialized in restoring facial structures and aesthetics after facial trauma. Backed by years of highly specialized training and experience, Dr. Quitmeyer is equipped to provide reconstructive care that rebuilds function while focusing on the final, aesthetic outcome. Coupling this expertise with advanced technology and anesthesia services helps ensure that our standard of care remains of the highest quality and comfort for each patient. No matter the extent of your facial trauma, our comprehensive treatment plans are customized to your situation and tailored to provide the most aesthetic and functional restoration possible.

Common types of facial trauma include:

  • Facial lacerations
  • Intraoral lacerations
  • Knocked-out tooth or teeth
  • Fractured jaw bone(s)
  • Fractured facial bones (cheekbones, eye sockets and nose)

Our Specialist is Dedicated to Your Full Restoration

Dr. Quitmeyer is experienced in emergency care, and the long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation of all his facial trauma patients. Along with providing a comforting and safe environment, we make sure to educate you on your treatment options. In this way, you can feel confident in your choice of care, knowing that it is recommended by a specialist dedicated to your complete recovery and facial restoration! You can also feel confident that we will provide the best possible care from the moment you walk into our office to your last treatment appointment and throughout your recovery process. Acute oral trauma in need of medical attention includes excessive bleeding, broken facial bones, and severe pain or swelling. Patients with these severe symptoms should proceed to the nearest hospital immediately.

Bring back your facial beauty with comprehensive facial trauma treatment!

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