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Overcome Your Fear of Dental Treatment

Fear or anxiety about undergoing dental procedures paralyzes many patients, oftentimes keeping them from receiving the care they require to maintain great oral health. We value patient safety and comfort at our practice and along with educating you on treatment options, we provide information regarding our anesthesia services, such as nitrous oxide and IV sedation. We are here to help you overcome the fear of undergoing treatment, and for most of our patients, this is life-changing-in more ways than one. Many patients find that sedation dentistry not only enables them to receive the dental care they need, but can help them feel liberated during their visits with us and confident in pursuing dental services in the future!

Our Comprehensive Anesthesia Services

Our anesthesia services range from mild local anesthesia to the “deep sedation” of general anesthetic. The level of sedation is determined in part by your level of anxiety and the specific treatment(s) needed. No matter what option chosen, it is our goal to make your experiences with us as comfortable, calming, and painless as possible.

Anesthesia Services Harrisonburg, VA

Local Anesthetic

Numbing only the area in need of treatment, local anesthetic is used for mild procedures or in conjunction with other sedation dentistry options. Numbing occurs in teeth, bone, and gums and the effects can last a few hours after the procedure.

Anesthesia Services Harrisonburg, VA

Nitrous Oxide

Clear and odorless, “laughing gas” is administered through a mask worn over the face and helps with mild to moderate anxiety. Nitrous oxide creates feelings of calm, relaxation, and euphoria and has no aftereffects once inhalation of the gas ceases.

Anesthesia Services Harrisonburg, VA

Oral Sedation

Taken in pill form an hour before treatment, prescription oral sedation creates a deeper sense of relaxation and calmness, with little-to-no memory of the procedure. Oral sedation is ideal for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety.

Anesthesia Services Harrisonburg, VA

IV Sedation

Administered intravenously, conscious IV sedation for severely anxious patients induces a “semi-awake” state of great calmness. Responsiveness during the procedure is still possible, though memory of the procedure itself will be limited, if present at all.

Anesthesia Services Harrisonburg, VA

General Anesthetic

For more extreme anxiety or complex treatment, general anesthetic puts patients completely asleep until awakened. Small “deep sleep” anesthesia procedures are done in-office, while more complex cases are complete at the hospital.

Anesthesia Services from a Certified Oral Surgeon

Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer is certified to provide all levels of sedation dentistry to help improve his patients’ experiences and comfort. He has received advanced training in anesthesia and sedation, and is part of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, a prestigious organization dedicated to continuing education in sedation dentistry. Furthermore, along with offering anesthesia services, our office is fully equipped to meet sanitary and technology standards to help you feel safe and relaxed during treatment. Is fear holding you back from getting the care you need? Our team is here to help you feel relaxed, safe, and empowered to pursue treatment with help from our anesthesia services.

Feel empowered with our anesthetic services!

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